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Fit4Mom Corona - Stroller Strides

It was no doubt the selfie booth was a hit at our #fit4momcorona11years anniversary celebration. There were so many great picture posts to commemorate such a great event. Our winner of the S U M M E R S U R V I V A L K I T is... Natalie Blalock!! Congrats to our winner! ❤️

The party may be over but we're still celebrating our #11yearsfit4momcorona anniversary! We are continuing by highlighting another member of our village. Meet our member with the N E W E S T baby at class, Melissa. She is the mom of Clark and baby Colette. She was born in Corona but grew up in Washington. If it wasn't for Dina flagging her down mid-jog, we wouldn't have had Melissa in our village! (Thanks Dina!!) After her first class she was so relieved that a program like @fit_4_mom existed! It was exactly what she needed as a mom!! When Melissa has down time, her favorite guilty pleasure TV show is Friends. #11years ago she was 16 years old and selling handbags. Melissa, we are so happy you're apart of our village! We love you and those sweet kiddos of yours! ❤️

Don't let the weekend be your W E A K end. Great morning with some of our Body Back ladies. They know how to get the weekend started right!

Happy #11yearsfit4momcorona! If you are apart of @fit4momcorona, you know this face very well. Her classes are always high energy!! She disguises tough workouts with jokes so you're not realizing how sore you're going to be tomorrow. She A L W A Y S loves on your kiddos. She always offers a listening ear. She never has a bad day and if she did, you would never know. She's exactly what all of us moms need after a night of being up with our kids. You never regret going to her class because you know your mind and body will thank you later. Thank you Dina, for all that you do. You mean more to this village than you'll ever know. It can't be an easy task wearing all the hats that you do. We are all so thankful you have given us moms a safe place for us to come and find our forever mom friends, our kiddos childhood friends, and a great workout too. We love you so much! Much love, your village! ❤️ 📷: amanda jane photography